Asset Record Use Case







The Problem

Keeping track of the what the organization has, when it was bought, and where it lives can be a full time job.  An up to date, organized asset tracking system is the key to getting the most out of the organization’s assets.

How ProForma Can Help

ProForma, a powerful form builder for Jira, allows you to easily create fields that capture the information you need so you can collect data to your exact requirements.

If you need to have a choice list with all the asset type used in your organization, you can.  If you want to change that options list on a regular basis, you can.  Or you can choose to include long text questions or a date or time question – all these question options are available.

By precisely structuring the information and having a system to manage and monitor requests, you can process make your processes more agile, streamlined and efficient.  Having repeatable processes built into an easy to use system, saves time and resources.

Learn more about managing assets with Jira and ProForma.

How ProForma and Jira Work

The combination of ProForma and Jira allows you to move any process online, streamlining the way you manage assets.  By using ProForma, you gather more precise information more easily.

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Learn More About How ProForma Works with Jira Software or Jira Core


You can modify the form to collect information specific to the assets you want to track.

ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira


Some processes require may require authorization from a supervisor or manager. Jira allows you to build as many levels of approval as needed into a process. Learn more about setting approvals in Jira and ProForma.


You can create reports to see existing assets, assets newly acquired, etc. Learn more about reporting options with Jira and ProForma.