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To help you better understand ThinkTilt we have put together all of the material relating to how we securely and properly operate our business.

Security Overview

Keeping our systems and your data secure is at the core of what we do. Learn about the processes we have implemented to keep your data secure.

Security issues

Have you discovered a vulnerability or has there been a security breach involving a ThinkTilt product? Please let us know as soon as possible and we will put our incident response plan into action. We also commit to keeping you informed of actions taken in response to your notification.

Report a security issue

Security Statements

Our Security Statements are intended to communicate our approach to security as it relates to both our cloud products and our server products:

Cloud Security Statement

Cloud security compliance

The Atlassian Cloud Security Program is a collaboration between Atlassian and add-on vendors, such as ThinkTilt, to increase security awareness and improve security practices. Membership is reviewed annually.

ThinkTilt’s membership of the program is valid until 24 July 2019.

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The ThinkTilt team is committed to providing support to all of our customers, be they small three-person teams, or large enterprises. The following policies explain what support is available.

Status and Uptime

To view the current status of our production systems visit:

For a historical uptime report visit:

Maintenance and Support Policy

Understand how and when you can access ThinkTilt’s support systems.

Maintenance and Support Policy

SLA & Escalation Policy

We aim to respond to all support requests within one hour (four hours at the most). We also define priority levels and commit to appropriate resolution times.

Service Level Agreements and Escalation Policy

Customer Pact

At ThinkTilt, we believe that customers should have trust and confidence in those with whom they work. Our Customer Pact outlines basic support and communication principles that will allow ThinkTilt and its customers to enjoy a productive and harmonious business relationship, believe that people need to trust those with whom they work. By providing support based on the principles in our Customer Pact, ThinkTilt and its customers can together realise a productive and harmonious business relationship.

Customer Pact

Policies and Legal Agreements

Transparency makes good business sense and is one of our fundamental values. Therefore, we have assembled all of our policies and legal agreements into one place so that it is easy for you (or your lawyers) to review them.

Terms of Service & Publisher EULA

Our Terms of Service cover the use of this website and the ProForma add-on listed in the Atlassian Marketplace. These Terms of Service also constitute our Publisher EULA (End User License Agreement), as set out in the Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use.

ThinkTilt’s Terms of Service

Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

We use Iubenda to help build and maintain a privacy policy that is compliant across multiple jurisdictions.

Privacy Policy

Due Diligence

We have collected together all of the information commonly requested of us during a due diligence process.

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