Maintenance and Support Policy


You and your Authorized Users (collectively End Users) will receive standard support while having an active subscription with ProForma (Cloud) or the during the period for which you have paid the applicable fee (Server or Data Center).

Support is provided on the terms set out in this Maintenance and Support Policy and also on the terms set out in the:

  1. Customer Pact

  2. Service Level Agreement and Escalation Policy

While we will respond to every support request, be advised that we must receive a documented, replicable example of the defect or error and, if requested, a listing of output or other information needed in order to reproduce working conditions similar to those in which the defect or error occurred.

We are not responsible for any hardware, cabling or operating system components of your network or computing devices. You are responsible for ensuring all systems and networks are set up to meet ProForma’s specifications.

If you provide any confidential or protected data to us when seeking support, including proprietary business information, protected technical data, private and personally identifiable information, or any other form of confidential, private, personal or other protected information, you do so in the knowledge that this information may be recorded in systems located outside of Australia, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.