Development History

We update our development plan each quarter, reviewing and updating you on what has been completed, and selecting the most relevant items from the backlog for upcoming development. We are committed to creating a product that meets your needs. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to suggest a feature.

In Progress

Conditional Logic

Our development team is working on upgrades to the form builder including the ability to create dynamic fields which will allow you to enable/disable form sections or questions depending on the response to a previous question.

ProForma Lite

We will soon be launching ProForma Lite, a version of ProForma that allows you to create and use up to 3 forms, free of charge.

Prioritized in the Backlog

ProForma Confluence Macro

Next up will be the development of our the ProForma Confluence macro which will allow you to embed a ProForma form (which will create a Jira issue) in a Confluence page.


  • Internal/External Forms – 2 August 2018 – Agents can now set forms as either internal (accessible only from the issue) or external (accessible from the issue and the JSD portal). A single request can include multiple forms on the portal, and forms which have been submitted can be edited from the portal
  • Atlassian Cloud Security Verification – 24 July 2019– ThinkTilt renewed its certification for ProForma in the Atlassian’s Cloud Security program.
  • ProForma for Jira Server, No Docker Required – 03 May 2018, ProForma for Jira Server no longer requires Docker to run! ProForma has been reengineered to run natively within Jira, making the installation and setup process much simpler
  • Template Library update – 10 January 2018 – We released a new batch of process templates in our Template Library.  We now offer a full suite of  templates for Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Operations, Procurement, Project Management and Risk Management teams.
  • Teaming up for Business Teams – 22 November 2107 – We launched a new partnership with Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook. We’ll be sharing Rachel’s expertise in a series of guest posts and we have built some of her handy templates into ProForma with more to come.
  • Export form responses – 17 November 2017 You can now export form data to a spreadsheet.
  • Linking to Jira fields – 10 October 2017 – We’re pleased to say that with 2.0 you can link fields in your forms to Jira fields. When the content of a field is changed in the form, it will also update the linked Jira field empowering teams to leverage JQL and Jira reports for managing and measuring their processes.
  • Validation  – 10 October 2017 – Validation rules can now be set for any form field, allowing your teams to control the information they collect and enforce business rules.
  • Status Page – 07 August 2017–  As part of our commitment to earning customer confidence, we’ve implemented a status page so you can check on our the current status, uptime reports and any recent incidents for our primary components.
  • Atlassian Cloud Security Verification – 02 August 2017– ProForma was approved as part of Atlassian’s Cloud Security program– a credential we will renew on an annual basis in order to identify and address any vulnerabilities.
  • Automated testing – 12 July 2017 ––  In order to ensure that our user interface is always functioning, regardless of changes out there in the Cloud, we implemented ongoing, automated testing with Ghost Inspector. Our tests run four times per day and we review the recorded sessions to make sure everything’s going smoothly.
  • Support and documentation – 12 July 2017 –– We enhanced our support services and launched a new documentation site. The new site was conveniently created in Confluence and piped to the web using ViewPort. We think it’s terrific to be able to streamline content creation in Confluence.
  • ProForma for JIRA Server – 12 May 2017 – We released a server version of ProForma which is supplied as a Docker image – a self-contained server that you run on your network.
  • ProForma v 1.1.21 & Template Library update  – 11 April 2017 – We released a new version of ProForma with a revamped user interface and individual form templates to make it faster and easier for your teams to create the forms they need.
  • Lock form – 08 March 2017– Added ability to lock submitted forms so that form responses cannot be edited.
  • Associate forms with request types – 03 January 2017 – Added support for associating recommended forms to request types. Added a Description property to each question in the form builder for hints, examples or extra description.