Version 1.1.21 - Improved UI

With the release of version 1.2,  we are pleased to announce the following changes to ProForma.

  • Forms: Simplified list of forms

  • Forms: Individual form templates available when creating forms

  • Template library: Expanded and accessible to more people

  • Enhanced support: Available from within ProForma

Forms:  Simplified list of forms.

  • See which request types a form is associated with.

  • If a form is displayed on the customer portal, it will have a PORTAL label next to it, making it easier to identify which forms are used on a portal and which forms are used internally

  • JIRA administrators can now see all forms within your JIRA instance from the forms page under add-ons administration.  

Forms: Create forms from templates

  • Every one of our 250 form templates can now be selected when creating a form.

  • Users with permission to create forms can now use any of the form template without having to install the entire process into your project.

Template library: Expanded and accessible to more people

  • The template library contains over 100 process templates and 250 forms.

  • Over 80 forms and process templates have been added in the last month.

  • It is easy to filter templates by clicking on the categories on the lefthand side.

  • The template library is now accessible to any user who has permission to create a form, making it more accessible and useful for teams looking to quickly build good practice processes.

Support: Available within JIRA

  • Support is now available when building forms or administering ProForma.

  • The help messenger is available on the bottom right.

  • We are happy to answer technical as well as process questions.