Cloud & Server - Version 2.0 - Validation, piping and freedom from Jira custom fields


This updated incorporates some frequently requested features. With ProForma 2.0, you can:

  • Link form fields to Jira fields
    When the content of a field is changed in the form, it will also update the linked Jira field so teams using ProForma can leverage JQL and Jira reports for managing and measuring their processes. 
  • Use validation to collect better data
    Need to limit the the length of a written reply? Or set an upper limit on a financial request? You can do both by using the new validation options in the ProForma form designer. Validation rules can be set for any form field allowing your teams to control the information they collect, enforce business rules and reduce time going back and forth to get the right data.

Cloud - Version 1.1.25 - Improved overview, support and servers

  • Overview screen: We have introduced a new overview screen to help people understand where to get started with ProForma. This screen also helps Server customers check their installation is working correctly.
  • Support and Feedback: The link is more prominent.
  • Infrastructure: Upgraded the server infrastructure that ProForma runs on for faster performance.
  • Bug fixes: Minor bug fixes are included in this release.

Server - Version - 1.2.2 - Major bug fixes for popups


This version fixes bugs related to popups: 

  • popups not closing after they're done 
  • pages not refreshing after a popup closes 

The fixes for these bugs required major changes to the underlying architecture of ProForma for Jira Server. The extra usability these changes bring means we highly recommend you upgrade as soon a possible. 

However it also means that the Docker server must be updated to v1.2.2 or later. Please update the Docker server before (or simultaneously with) this add-on to avoid errors. We aim to let you upgrade the Docker server and add-on separately at your convenience; unfortunately this version requires both to be updated. Fortunately it is pretty simple to update the Docker server, see our documentation for how.

Server - Version 1.2.1 - Minor bug fixes

Bug fixes for the server version, and improvements to the setup process: 

  • Disabling ProForma on a project will now correctly hide forms on issues in that project, as well as the customer portal for service desk projects 
  • ProForma no longer shows an error on issue pages if it has not been set up 
  • Removed some CDN dependencies so that all pages work on firewalled connections without internet access 
  • Added extra checks to the setup process to catch common problems before they manifest 

Note that ProForma for Jira Server requires a Docker container running on your network. See our documentation for further details.

Version 1.1.21 - Improved UI

With the release of version 1.2,  we are pleased to announce the following changes to ProForma.

  • Forms: Simplified list of forms

  • Forms: Individual form templates available when creating forms

  • Template library: Expanded and accessible to more people

  • Enhanced support: Available from within ProForma

Forms:  Simplified list of forms.

  • See which request types a form is associated with.

  • If a form is displayed on the customer portal, it will have a PORTAL label next to it, making it easier to identify which forms are used on a portal and which forms are used internally

  • JIRA administrators can now see all forms within your JIRA instance from the forms page under add-ons administration.  

Forms: Create forms from templates

  • Every one of our 250 form templates can now be selected when creating a form.

  • Users with permission to create forms can now use any of the form template without having to install the entire process into your project.

Template library: Expanded and accessible to more people

  • The template library contains over 100 process templates and 250 forms.

  • Over 80 forms and process templates have been added in the last month.

  • It is easy to filter templates by clicking on the categories on the lefthand side.

  • The template library is now accessible to any user who has permission to create a form, making it more accessible and useful for teams looking to quickly build good practice processes.

Support: Available within JIRA

  • Support is now available when building forms or administering ProForma.

  • The help messenger is available on the bottom right.

  • We are happy to answer technical as well as process questions.

Version 1.1.15 - Minor enhancements

  • Fixes a number of minor bugs caused when ProForma has had its permissions restricted by an administrator. ProForma will not longer fail to load in those situations.
  • If ProForma detects permissions are restricting its key functionality, for example the ability to display a form, then it will now show an unobtrusive warning message. A link to instructions on how to fix the permissions is included in the message.

Version 1.1.12 - Bug fixes; Support for Customer Service project template

  • The 'Customer Service' project template shipping with Jira Service Desk is now supported: ProForma can make use of the workflows and issue types in customer service projects.
  • Fixed bugs that could cause the Add Form and Install Template pop ups to fail in customer service projects.

What about version 1.1.10 and 1.1.11? Good spotting. We bundled these two quick releases into this larger one. 

By the way, we just announced a server version of ProForma is under development. Find out more.

Version 1.1.8 - Associate forms with request types; description field; bug fixes


A new year and some new features. This update:

  • Adds support for associating recommended forms to request types; these recommended forms are suggested to users when adding a form to an issue.
  • Adds the Description field, so that extra descriptive information can be added to any question on a form.
  • Fixed bug which caused the forms list not to display on issues that were created before ProForma was installed.