Organize Data with ProForma for
Jira Software or Core

Accurate Data Without Jira Configuration Changes

Jira and ProForma allow teams to collect the specific data required for any process or project, embedding relevant forms into Jira issues. The combined potential of these tools empower teams to collect unlimited, structured information that displays in an easy-to-understand way, without the necessity of custom fields. Enhance viewing, querying and reporting by letting teams get the information they need, formatted the way they want and validated to their business rules.




A Better Way to Collect and View Data

Process Relevant Information

Add pertinent details to an issue without new configurations, work-arounds or delays.

Manage Complex Issues

Handle complex processes by attaching multiple forms to an issue.

Standardize Processes

Standardize processes by creating form templates (or using one of ours). Collect required information uniformly, regardless of which team is doing the project.

Improve Data Visibility

Make data on an issue more accessible. Find the correct details you need quickly and easily.

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