Accurate Data Without Jira Configuration Changes

Jira Software and Jira Core are powerful applications that allow you to track issues through the steps of a designated workflow and on to completion. Jira Software/Core can be used for all kinds of processes such as project management, asset tracking, and software development.

Jira and ProForma allow teams to collect the specific data required for any process or project, embedding relevant forms and checklists into Jira issues. The combined potential of these tools empower teams to collect unlimited, structured information that displays in an easy-to-understand way, without the necessity of custom fields. 


Easily build forms and checklists

Teams create forms that will feel familiar to them and their customers. Teams can easily build and update their own forms, lessening the burden on Jira admins.


Better issues

Use rich forms with validation, dynamic fields, hints and examples so users are prompted to include all of the required data when an issue is created.

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Reduce Custom Fields

Fields in a ProForma form do not require Jira Custom Fields. Improve performance and simplify administration by using fewer custom fields.


Automation, Validation & Dynamic Fields

Let our forms do the work for you. Form validation ensures complete data. Use automation rules to add forms to issues, transition issues or prevent transitions. Dynamic fields make life easier for your users.

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Effective Jira Admin

Co-authored with Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook, we have a series of articles which offer tips and advice to help you create and maintain a clean, manageable, high-performing Jira instance.

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