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Jira Service Desk (JSD) is a request management system that lets you receive, track, manage and respond to requests from your team’s customers. JSD comes with a self-service web portal where customers can submit requests.

ProForma, a user-friendly form builder for Jira, allows teams to easily create forms and fields that capture the information you need. With ProForma, you can easily customize the information you receive from customers. Teams create forms that ask for the specific information they need. Customers then fill in these forms when making a request on the customer portal.

You can design forms quickly and easily starting from scratch or utilize any of the 250+ process templates available in the ProForma template library.

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Portal Forms

Publish forms to the Jira Service Desk portal so teams can collect the specific information they need for a given request type.

ProForma also allow requests to be updated after creation.


Dynamic Sections

Show or hide form sections based on the response to a previous question.

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Multiple forms

Attach multiple forms for a requestor/approver to fill out. Perfect for more complex processes

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Effective Jira Admin

Co-authored with Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook, we have a series of articles which offer tips and advice to help you create and maintain a clean, manageable, high-performing Jira instance.

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