Simplify Jira Administration

Enhance your relationship with your colleagues by delivering an elegant solution to their process management problems. 

Are you lost in a maze of custom fields, screen schemes and configurations so complex, not even you know how they work? ProForma makes it easy to create process-specific forms that embed in Jira issues, extending the possibilities of business processes that can be handled in Jira. Give greater power and flexibility to data-centric teams, including HR, Marketing and Operations, while still protecting your Jira application. Every field added to a ProForma form is a custom field you don’t need to add to the issue.





Be Agile

Make Jira admin more agile. Create new projects quickly and easily. Forms make existing configurations more flexible. You only need to add fields for items you're going to report on.

Validate Your Expertise

Demonstrate value throughout your organization. ProForma offers an opportunity to bring Jira to non-tech, business teams, making your expertise more valuable.

Empower Your Colleagues

Form field validation lets teams get the right information and piping to Jira fields makes form data easy to query and report on.

Minimize Risk

Leveraging Jira across business teams will save your organization the cost, trouble and risk of procuring and maintaining multiple systems.

Manage Jira Administration

Make managing Jira easier. Governance issues are reduced and performance is enhanced by limiting use of custom fields. Delegate creation of forms to the teams that will use the information, confident that their actions won’t negatively impact your Jira instance.


Easy Onboarding for Business Teams

Simplify the process of bringing business teams to Jira. Novices can easily create professional forms by using a template from the ProForma library. Or start from a copy of an existing form. Either way, non-tech teams will be able to quickly master how ProForma and Jira together.