ProForma Features

ProForma makes it easy to add all the information you need to a Jira issue, without adding custom fields.

ThinkTilt’s Jira app, ProForma makes it easy to add all the information you need to a Jira issue, without adding custom fields.  ProForma includes an intuitive form builder which makes it easy to create forms that embed in Jira issues. Now any business process can be built into Jira without requiring complex administration.

Project Types

Add forms to any version of Jira, be it Jira Software, Jira Core or Jira Service Desk.

Jira Service Desk

Publish purpose-built forms to the customer portal empowering teams to collect the information they need without having to build 100s or 1000s of custom fields. Available for Cloud and Server.

Jira Core

Add any number of forms to an issue to capture the information you need to support your projects and business processes. Available for Cloud and Server.

Jira Software

Capture information in a structured way to significantly help software development and bug tracking. Create bug testing forms to ensure a set process is followed every time. Available for Cloud and Server.

Data Center

Will be coming - on the Development Plan

Common Features

ProForma includes the following features regardless of which version of Jira you are using.

Unlimited Forms

Create all the forms you need. There are no limits on the number of forms you can build with ProForma and store in Jira.

Form Automation

Use Form Automation rules to automatically add a form when an issue transitions, automatically transition an issue when a form is submitted, or to prevent an issue from being transitioned if a designated form(s) has not been submitted.

Unlimited Questions

Ask as many questions as you need, without having to create a single custom field.

Fewer Custom Fields

Build forms to collect process-specific data without needing Jira Custom Fields. Our forms can be as long as you like, without requiring one additional custom field.

Linked Jira Fields

Link data from a form field through to a Jira field (standard or custom) for easy querying and reporting.

Dynamic Fields

Use conditional logic to show or hide form sections depending on the response to a previous question.

Project Forms

Keep projects organized. Every form is specific to a project so teams can build the forms they need without cluttering or confusing other projects.

Unlimited Responses

Collect as many responses to a form as you need. All responses are stored safely within Jira.

Descriptions and Hints

Include a description, hint or example on any form question.

Required Question Responses

Mark questions as required, preventing submission of the form until a response is included.

Validated Responses

Validate any form questions to set it as required, set maximum or minimum limits or require a particular choice.

Moveable Questions

Easily change the order of form elements, moving questions or sections using the up/down arrows.

Lockable Forms

Use form settings to lock forms upon submission, preventing any changes to submitted form responses.

Jira Service Desk

Empower every team with a sophisticated request management system using ProForma and Jira Service Desk.

Customer Portal

Publish forms to the JSD portal making it easy for customers to submit requests with all of the needed information included.

Internal and External Forms

Set forms as internal (accessible only on the issue) or external (accessible on the issue or the JSD portal).

View and Edit from the Portal

Allow customers to view, complete and edit external forms from the portal.

Valid Responses

Enforce business rules using validation. Prevent submission if incomplete information, ensuring that you get the right data the first time.

Forms Associated with Requests Types

Associate a form with a particular request type, so that when adding forms a shortlist of appropriate options display.


Allow users to submit attachments such as required documentation using the the Jira Service Desk portal's file upload feature.

Process Templates

Convert processes to Jira Service Desk quickly and easily using ProForma process templates which include a portal form, request type, workflow and any needed secondary forms all in one installation.

Question Types

Select the appropriate question type to solicit the right information from users.

Linked Jira fields

Link data from any type of form field through to a Jira field (standard or custom) for easy querying and reporting.

Checkbox (Multiple Choice)

Include any number of choices. Add an Other which enables a response to be entered. Validate with maximum / minimum number of choices that must be selected, or require that a specific option be selected.


Allow users to enter a date, or select it from a popup calendar. Use validation to specify the earliest and latest dates that are acceptable.

Date and Time

Capture both the date and the time. Specify both the earliest and latest date and times that are acceptable.


Display options as a dropdown menu on the form. Use validaion to specify a required.

Information Section

Add instructions or information to your forms. Include formatting or images by using raw html.

Long Answer (Text)

Capture the information you need whether it's a paragraph or an essay. Set character or word limits (or minimum requirements) to keep responses concise.


Capture numbers,  with the option to specify whether it is a whole number and the minimum or maximum acceptable range.

Radio Button (Single Choice)

Select only one option from a choice list. Use validation to require a response and /or  that selection of a specific option.

Short Answer (Text)

Allow single line responses. Manage length by setting the minimum and/or maximum number of characters or words.


Capture a particular time. Use validation to set the earliest and/or latest time that is acceptable.

True / False

Support true/false questions. Use validation to require one or the other.

Issues and Requests

ProForma makes it possible to capture any amount of information on an issue in a structured way  (or Jira Service Desk request), without relying on custom fields or dumping everything into the description field.

Multiple Forms per Issue

Attach as many forms as needed to an issue or request,  allowing you to support complex processes.

Standardized Information

Make it easy to collect standardized information across multiple projects.

Forms in Progress

Easily identify forms in progress. While a form is being filled out, it is marked as Open, making it easy to see where further information is needed.

Submitted Forms

Submit a completed form to mark it as done. Note that a form cannot be submitted if there are validation errors, ensuring quality data.

Recommended Forms

Associate forms with specific request types (service desk projects) or issue types (business or software projects) for easy access when adding a form.

Create Issues from Forms

Get all of the information you need when an issue is created by generating issues directly from ProForma forms.


View, aggregate and analyze data submitted via ProForma forms.

PDF of Form

Download any form as a PDF.

Exported Responses

Export form responses to an Excel file for a quick, aggregated view of what has been submitted.

Linked Jira Fields

Link any form question to a Jira field (whether a custom or standard field), allowing you to use JQL or other Jira apps to query information or build your own reports.


ProForma includes a library of form and process templates for business teams. Each template was purpose-built in consultation with industry experts. Templates can be easily modified to accommodate how your teams work.


Nearly 20 different templates are available reimbursements, invoices, payments and other finance processes.

Human Resources

Nearly 100 HR forms are available for staffing, performance reviews, training, travel, leave and other common HR processes.


Use any of the nearly 50 templates - for bug reports, test results, license requests and other information technology processes.


Sixteen different templates have been created for contract reviews, incident reporting, consultations and other legal processes.


Use any of the more than 30 different templates built for  content creation, events coordination, collateral requests and other marketing processes.


Use any of the over 25 templates which have been created for room bookings, maintenance requests and other infrastructure & operations processes.


Over a dozen processes are available for supplier reference checks, purchases, quotations and other procurement processes.

Project Management

Document your business case, change management, and other project management processes using any of the 11 available templates.

Risk & Hazard Management

Respond to hazards, track workplace inspections, licenses and other risk management processes using any of 7 available templates.


ThinkTilt is committed to providing friendly, fast, responsive customer support.

24/7 Support

We monitor our support portal 24 hours a day to respond immediately to high priority support issues.

1-hour Response Times

We set a target of a 1 hour response times for all support queries.

In-app Support

We are one of the few to offer in-app support to all users, not just Jira administrators.


We maintain a status page so that you can be kept up to date on any system updates or incidents.

In-depth Documentation

Searchable, comprehensive documentation.

Enterprise-ready SLA

We offer a service level agreement which will satisfy even the most demanding of enterprises.

Customer Pact

We are clear about how we can work together to find fastest and most beneficial outcomes.

Support Policy

We don't hide what we do on your behalf. Refer to our support policy for detailed information on our service offerings.


Have confidence that your data is safe and secure in ProForma.

Data Storage

All forms and their responses are stored within your Jira instance.

Audited Changes

When a change to a form response updates a linked Jira field, the change will appear in the History tab of the issue/request.

Reduced data leakage

Reduce the chance of data being left behind, or leaking from another system by having all of your data stored in Jira. No more having to clean our Google Sheets or Zapier zap histories.

Transparent Privacy

We are clear about the services we use and how we use your data. For cloud customers, we also fully support 'Do Not Track' options within browsers.

Security Compliance

We are approved under the Atlassian Cloud Security Compliance process and will renew our compliance each year.

Track record

ThinkTilt has been operating in the Atlassian space since January 2016. We have a track record of continues development and have great plans for apps well into the future.


ProForma is the tool that makes it faster and easier to create projects, delegate data collection and maintain a clean, high-functioning Jira application.

Project Specific

Only enable ProForma for the projects that need it. Use our mass enable/disable toggle to save you time enabling ProForma for each project.

Project Permissions

A user must have project administration permissions in order to create or edit the design of a form.

Issue Permissions

Anyone that can edit an issue will be able edit the responses of an attached form, unless the form has been locked.

Long-term Data Access

All forms responses are stored on the Jira issue. Even if you no longer have current ProForma license,  you and your users will still be able to view (but not edit or  fill out) existing forms.

Transparent Development

We publish a quarterly update on our product development roadmap. Find it on our website.