ProForma, a powerful form builder for Jira, allows you to easily create fields that capture the information you need.

 Collect specific, structured, validated data without custom fields.

ProForma empowers teams to control the way they collect information in Jira issues; build and design forms based on business needs. Compatible with Jira Service Desk, Jira Core and Jira Software, ProForma removes the necessity of creating custom fields.

The info you need...

Teams collect exactly the information they need, structured so they can use it, and validated for their business rules.

Without the admin...

Reduce Jira admin, even as you onboard new teams. Teams get what they need without custom fields, schemes or configurations.

Backed by a workflow...

Collect the information needed for a request and act on it in the same place! Everything you need within Jira.

In an easy to start format.

Get started quickly using our library of 250 easy-to-install and ready to use process template.

ThinkTilt has been collaborating with Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook, on a series of articles which offer tips and advice to help you create and maintain a clean, manageable, high-performing Jira instance. You can access all of those articles at once by downloading our eBook – Effective Jira Administration. 

Better Service from Every Team

Teams provide easy, one-touch services by building repeated processes into a standardized system and collecting the right information up front.

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Optimal Jira Performance

Enhance Jira’s performance and improve governance by bringing customizations under control. Now you can reign in the creation of Jira custom fields without sacrificing flexibility.

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Up to 10 users


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1 to 100 users


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Cloud subscriptions include:

  • 30 day free trial
  • Access to over 200+ template forms
  • All product updates

Discounts available

  • 2 months free when billed annually


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Server subscriptions include:

  • 30 day free trial
  • Access to over 200+ template forms
  • Product updates for one year
  • Email support for one year

Discounts available

  • 2 months free when billed annually
  • 50% discount for academic institutions
  • free for open source and not-for-profit organisation