ProForma Lite


What is ProForma Lite

ProForma Lite is a limited version of ProForma that you can install and use for free. ProForma Lite lets you create up to 3 ProForma forms without subscribing to ProForma or purchasing a ProForma license.

ProForma vs ProForma Lite

ProForma Lite offers a comparable functionality to the full version of ProForma. See our feature page for a full listing of available features for each version.

You can upgrade from ProForma Lite to ProForma at any time. 

Why Use ProForma Lite

Using ProForma Lite gives you a chance to experiment with what can be achieved by adding forms to Jira issues or JSD requests.  It’s also an opportunity to demonstrate Jira’s adaptability to adjacent teams and to streamline key process by moving them out of a shared inbox and into Jira.

ProForma Lite lets you, or key agents, get familiar with the ProForma form builder. (Since forms will not impact your Jira instance it’s perfectly safe to delegate form creation to a team member.) The form builder is simple and intuitive. You can build forms from scratch or modify an existing form.

Possible Use Cases

So how should you use ProForma Lite? ProForma can be used by any team that uses Jira, regardless of whether it’s Jira Core, Jira Software or Jira Service Desk.  Possible use cases include:

  • IT Support
    If your IT Support team is already using Jira Service Desk, why not let them add a form to some of the most commonly used request types (such as Onboarding New EmployeeNew Hardware RequestRequest for New Jira Project)? They’ll appreciate not having to parse out multiple pieces of data that have been dumped together in a description field. Getting the right information upfront will reduce work in progress and allow them to provide one-touch service.

  • Personnel Action Notifications
    ProForma and JSD make it easier for internal customers to get the help they need. You can demonstrate Jira’s functionality by empowering a team that interacts with everyone, HR, to move one of their most commonly requested processes into Jira. The ProForma template library includes dozens of forms for HR teams, including a Personnel Action Notification.