ProForma works with Jira, an industry-leading issue tracking system.  When you use ProForma, you also get the benefits of Jira.

What is Jira?

Jira is a project management system that empowers business teams to control and track their processes. Benefits of using Jira include:

  • Workflows – Define the workflow that is needed to carry out a particular task.
  • Approvals  – Ensure compliance by requiring approvals at any point in the workflow.
  • Real-time Status – Reduce interruptions and increase transparency by making allowing anyone associated with an issue to see its current status.
  • Traceability – Satisfy auditors with end-to-end tracking of all actions that have been taken on an issue.
  • Analytics – Allocate resources knowing how frequently specific processes are used and how much time is needed to carry them out.

What is Jira Service Desk?

ProForma can also be used with Jira Service Desk. Like Jira, Jira Service Desk makes it easy to track tasks through to completion. However, Jira Service Desk is designed to help your team respond to requests.

Jira Service Desk features include:

  • Customer Portal – A customer portal is a webpage that makes it easy for your internal customers to place requests that are then routed to your Service Desk. 
  • Approvals – You can require that a request receive all necessary approvals before it reaches your Service Desk.
  • Queues – Request for your team to respond to will be placed in a queue. You can organize your queue to prioritize certain types of requests or to direct certain request types to specific members of your team.
  • Service Level Agreements – You can commit to and easily measure the time it takes to respond to and resolve requests.