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The Thinktilt team aims to support you and your clients in streamlining and optimizing business processes.

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Product Support

We are able to provide the following product for Atlassian Solution Partners:

Demo Instance

We can provide you with access to a data populated demo account for demonstrating ProForma to clients

Request access to a demonstration instance


Priority support will be given to solve your issues.

Contact us through the portal

We are based in Australia and operate on AEST. (Normal service hours are: 
Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 6:00PM AEST). We are happy take queries outside normal business hours.

Our Service Level Agreements and Escalation Policy

Priority Support




Keeping our systems and your data secure is at the core of what we do. Learn about the processes we have implemented to keep your clients data secure.   We have established policies in a range of important areas such as security statements and customer pacts

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Support Services

The ThinkTilt team is committed to providing support to you and your clients in the following ways:


ThinkTilt has significant experience in designing business processes and building online forms. As an offering to Solution Providers, we will design and build up to five process templates (including all needed forms), free of charge for each client account where ProForma is installed. An hourly fee will be applied for design and build work beyond the first five processes.


Form Implementation Support


We are happy to co-present with you for clients who demonstrate interest in ProForma. Depending on the nature of the audience, the focus can be on business processes, form design, Jira implementation or using ProForma for a specific business team.


Client Presentations



We will provide a custom-written article on a business process topic of your choice at no charge. This will be an original article, branded with your logo and byline for use in clients’ publications. We reserve the right to republish the article after it has been delivered to the client.

You may republish any of our blog posts, listed with acknowledgement to the source.

Examples of our blogs

Contact us to produce content for your audience

Content Development




We are happy to support solution providers with online webinars by agreement, on topics such as:

  • ProForma installation and training 
  • Best practice form building
  • Consulting with non-tech teams on form design and roll out.

Custom Template Packs


We can custom build process templates packs for your clients on a fee for service basis.  

We typically charge $50 USD per hour.  

For larger jobs, we are happy to discuss project based fees.

Contact us to discuss your template needs

Legal Due Diligence

We have collected together all of the information commonly requested of us during a due diligence process. If we are missing anything or you would like further details please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Due Diligence resources



  • Company information
  • Non disclosure
  • Tender inclusions
  • Terms of Service
  • Insurance

Refer to our Due Diligence Page

Umbrella ProForma

Business Team Resources

All Teams


We are building a suite of information resources for different business teams including:

Resources will be added over time.