It is easy to handle many common marketing processes and forms within JIRA Service Desk using these ProForma form and process templates.

It is easy to handle many common marketing processes and forms within JIRA Service Desk using these ProForma form and process templates.


ProForma for Marketing teams

Sound familiar?

You receive a request to make a change to the content of the organization's website. The person making the request tells you that they want a change, and attached the required form.

On closer inspection, you realize it's an old version of the form and it doesn't include all of the needed information, nor verify that they really have the authority to order a change to the website.

You go back and forth via email trying to get the needed information. In the meantime, they are complaining because they wanted the change made yesterday.

Jira with ProForma is the Solution.....


To not receiving the information you need when a customer places a request.

To having important information scattered across long email chains.

To receiving an old version of a form that no longer collects the information you need.

To receiving multiple pieces of critical information lumped together in one field.

What is Jira with ProForma?


Jira is a world class workflow and request management tool used by more than 80,000 organizations to manage their work. ProForma is a powerful form design and submission system that comes with a library of ready to use templates for over 100 common business processes. 

ThinkTilt's ProForma makes it easy for business teams to build and deploy online forms, backed by Jira’s great workflow engine.

How does it work?

The ProForma app empowers Marketing teams to build forms that attach to Jira issues/request types. Forms can either be created from scratch or by modifying one of the ProForma templates. Marketing teams can create and deploy their own forms empowering them to collect exactly the information they need.

If using Jira Service Desk:

  • Once the form has been created, it can be linked with a request type so customers can open and fill out the form on the customer portal. 
  • Alternatively, a form can be designed for internal use and attached to an existing issue. In this case, a member of the same business team would fill out the form.
  • Forms that have been deployed on the customer portal can also be signed using ProForma’s integration with HelloSign (currently only available on JIRA Cloud). HelloSign’s eSignatures carry the same legal legitimacy as a paper signature.

 If using Jira Software/Core:

  • Once the form has been created, it can be linked to an issue type so users can open the issue and fill out the form.

Why Jira and ProForma are great tools for Marketing Teams


Your team drives your organization’s brand. You are responsible for ensuring that the messaging from anyone in the organization is consistent and convincing. However, your team can easily become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of requests. Processes get delayed or completely derailed as important information sits stale in an inbox.  What’s important gets shoved aside in favor of what’s urgent. The greatest risk is that internal customers will bypass Marketing and create content that is inconsistent with your messaging, diluting your brand.

ProForma lets you combine purpose-built forms with Jira's powerful workflow engine. Now your team can collect the exact information they need without heavy reliance on IT administration.

The combination of ProForma and Jira will empower your teams to:

  • Make their business processes more agile, streamlined and efficient 
  • Save time and resources by having repeatable processes built into an easy to use system
  • Create and update forms and processes as needed, ensuring that only the current version of a form is submitted
  • Easily capture, respond to and track requests

Marketing Form Examples

Teams can customize the forms in any way necessary and an installation wizard makes it easy to get started. 

Process Templates have been created for the various marketing processes including:

  • Add an event to events calendar
  • Advertising requisition
  • Communications support request
  • Content creation request
  • Event debrief
  • Event permit request
  • Event runsheet
  • Image request
  • Logo use request
  • Marketing assistance request
  • Marketing creative brief
  • Media call brief
  • Photo use consent and release
  • Sponsorship request
  • Website change request

See all currently available Marketing templates.



See how ProForma works to convert traditional workflow process into manageable, efficient, potent online forms powered by Jira.

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