In a Nutshell...

Jira Service Desk is a request management system that lets you receive, track, manage and respond to requests from your team’s customers. The app comes with a self-service web portal where customers submit requests.

ProForma, a powerful form builder for Jira, empowers you to easily create fields that capture the information you need. It allows you to customize the information you receive from customers placing requests. Business teams create forms that ask for the specific information they need. Customers then fill in these forms when making a request on the customer portal.

You can design forms quickly and easily either starting from scratch or utilizing one of the 250+ business process templates.

How Do ProForma and Jira Service Desk Work?

         The Jira Service Desk Agent (Assigned Team Member) sets up ProForma and Jira: 

  1. Create a form that collects the information needed for a given business process.
  2. Create a Jira Service Desk request type for this process and link the form to the request type. 
  3. Set up the approvals and workflow as required for the process. 
  4. Make the request type visible to your customers on the Jira Service Desk customer Portal.When in place, your customers and Service Desk Agents work together to resolve a request:
  5.  Your customer completes a form on the on the customer portal, thereby submitting their request and creating a Jira issue with all of the included information. 
  6.  The approver (if applicable) is notified of the request and can approve it via the customer portal.
  7. A service team agent reviews the issue and gets to work. See the Getting Started Reference for tips on using Jira Service Desk to process requests.
  8. If necessary, customers and service desk agents can further discuss the request via the customer portal.
  9. Your agent completes the request and your customer is satisfied!


How Do You Set It Up?

Step 1: Create the form(s)

Create your portal form and any secondary forms your process requires. Forms can be created from scratch, from a copy of an existing form, or from a template in the template library. You can add or delete questions as needed.

Step 2: Create the request type

Link the portal form to the associated request type. This allows the form to be displayed when a person clicks on the request type on the Jira Service Desk customer portal.

Step 3: Set up the approvals and workflow as required for the process.

Depending on the process, one or more approvals may be required. You can place approvals anywhere you want in the workflow.

Step 4: Make request type visible on the customer portal

To make a request type visible on the customer portal, add the request type to a Group. Now your customers can see the request type, open the form and submit request from the portal.