ProForma Features


Allow every team to benefit from Jira Service Desk

ProForma lets every team design and publish forms on the customer portal, as well as respond to existing requests/issues. This empowers business teams to transfer existing processes from Word and PDF forms, and email inboxes, to Jira Service Desk where they can track, collate and respond to their requests. ProForma forms allow business teams to capture the information they need, without requiring changes to Jira configuration such as custom fields or screens.

ProForma also comes with an extensive template library, making it easy for business teams to see what can be managed with Jira. Each of the ProForma process and form templates can be setup in minutes, allowing teams to quickly adopt and manage their work in Jira Service Desk.


Helping every team

Every team in an organization, Legal, HR, Marketing, Risk, Finance or Operations can use Jira Service Desk to more easily manage their work and to make knowledge of their processes more transparent.

Extensive library

Use one of hundreds of our ready-made template processes and forms to get a jumpstart on building the Jira workflow you need. Each process template comes with the needed forms and request types. Using a template, you can setup a new business process in a matter of minutes.


Powerful form designer

Any team member can quickly master ProForma's powerful form builder. Easily migrate existing forms into Jira using a wide variety of questions types and the ability to add instructions to any form.

Associate forms with request types

A given team might have 5 or 45 forms. Make it easy for people to find the right form for a process by associating a form with one (or more) request types.


ProForma forms can be displayed on the Customer Portal of JIRA Service Desk


Publish forms to the customer portal

Easily add forms to the Jira Service Desk Customer Portal, ensuring that your teams can capture all the information they need to be able to successfully carry out their business services.



Collect information easily

Attach as much information to an issue as you need to, without having to create dozens of custom fields or configure multiple Jira screens.




No need to print, sign, and scan

ProForma's integration with HelloSign lets you add legally binding eSignatures to forms. This can save hundreds of work hours (and reams of paper) even in small organizations.