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Category: Human Resources

Two Ways Jira Can Make HR More Agile

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Agile HR with Jira & ProForma

Look up the word “agile” in the dictionary and you’ll fine something like, “…quick, well-coordinated, able to move, think and change rapidly.” That’s the idea behind agile software development and,. Read more.

Towards a Performance Review Process that Actually Performs

There are problems with the traditional annual employee performance appraisal. It’s annual, linked to a potential pay increase and based on one person’s opinion. There’s a better way.

ProForma & JSD: The Perfect Team for Employee Performance Reviews

As useful as they are, performance reviews are easy to ignore and leave undone. ProForma for JIRA Service Desk can help.

Self-service for HR with ProForma and JIRA Service Desk

Self-service is good for everyone.  When people can solve their own problems they feel empowered.  When they do things for themselves, they remember how they did it, which is to say, they learn.

JIRA: The Ideal Tool for Employee Performance Reviews?

How well does your performance review process perform? Employee performance reviews are a perfect example of a business process that begs to be handled by an automated service management system like JIRA Service Desk. 

Why Your HR Team Needs ProForma for JIRA

If you’re not empowering your teams with service management software, then your not letting them live up to their potential. Your HR team is working hard on behalf of all your employees.  Why not do something today to make their work easier?

Case study – Applying to Attending a Conference

Imagine if you could easily use JIRA Service Desk for any business process.  Getting approval to attend a conference might look something like this.

Empowering your HR team with JIRA


Playing a key role both in setting the strategic direction for your organization and in serving individual employees, it could be argued that no team needs a request management system more than HR. We offer a sample list of HR processes which could be handled by a request management system like JIRA Service Desk with ProForma, and walks through an HR process (an employee requesting paid time off) to see how it might work.

New Human Resource Forms Added to the Template Library

Ready to shift those pesky paper processes to online forms? We’ve just added over 40 new Human Resources templates to make your job easier.

ThinkTilt is pleased to announce the expansion of the ProForma Template library with 40+ new Human Resource forms now ready for use.  

Five JIRA Templates for your HR Team

HR merits a high-functioning service management system. JIRA Service Desk has proven to be just such a system and now ThinkTilt has created ProForma, a library of forms and templates to empower all of your business teams with the functionality of JIRA Service Desk.