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Tips for Vetting Jira Apps and Plugins

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Two Ways Jira Can Make HR More Agile

There’s been a bit of buzz about Agile HR recently. It makes sense. More responsive HR results in better, happier, more professional employees and that can only be good for. Read more.

Paper Chase: Better Document Tracking in Jira

As much as we like to talk about going paperless, we still haven’t gotten away from paperwork. For many teams, drafting, editing and approving documents is a core function of. Read more.

Agile HR with Jira & ProForma

Look up the word “agile” in the dictionary and you’ll fine something like, “…quick, well-coordinated, able to move, think and change rapidly.” That’s the idea behind agile software development and,. Read more.

Five Ways ProForma Makes Jira Admin More Manageable

Is Jira spreading like wild fire through your organization? Do you have hundreds of Jira projects?  And thousands of custom fields? Do you wrestle with when to accommodate a request. Read more.

Track Your Stuff: Easy Asset Management in Jira

I can’t think about inventory and asset management without remembering the brilliant words of George Carlin, “Their stuff is s#@t and your s#@t is stuff.”  One of the things that differentiates. Read more.

Mobilize Marketing with Content Management in Jira

Wanting to capitalize on Jira’s flexibility and demonstrate its potential for business team, Atlassian has created business templates for some common processes (including a content management template for marketing teams). The templates. Read more.

Putting the Pieces Together: ProForma for Project Management

Jira is the perfect tool for executing tasks and progressing towards milestones, but there’s another side of project management that can’t be overlooked…

Best Practices for Creating a Custom Workflow

Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook offers tips on when and how to create a Jira custom workflow.

Keeping Track of it All: Jira for Asset Management

Discover how three simple tools can provide you with a fool-proof system for tracking business assets.

And the Best Tool for Managing Jira is…Jira!

Learn how you can manage Jira users’ requests and support your Jira application from within Jira itself.

Catering to Your Operations Team with Jira & ProForma

Discover how you can empower your operations team to manage their processes with high efficiency and minimal IT support.

System, Application & Project Admins: Who Does What in Jira?

Take a closer look at who can (and should) do what in Jira, given the new editing abilities granted to project admins in version 7.3 and 7.4.

Purchasing with Less Hassle: ProForma & Jira

Discover how Jira can be the perfect tool for your creating a catalogue and driving all of your procurement processes.

Getting the Right Stuff: A Practical Solution to Procurement

Overseeing your procurement process means making sure that the right steps are followed and the right questions asked. Find out how ProForma can help.

Reduce Your Technical Debt with ProForma and Jira

There’s a cost to choosing the expedited solution over the elegant one. Discover how adding forms to Jira issues can help you address your technical debt.

ProForma: Fewer Disputes, Faster Collection, Better B2B Relations

Discover how you can streamline contract management and free up your legal team using a Jira Service Desk.

Make Everyone Happy by Equipping IT with Built-In Forms

Discover how the simple addition of forms to support requests could be a powerful way to improve your service.

Towards a Performance Review Process that Actually Performs

There are problems with the traditional annual employee performance appraisal. It’s annual, linked to a potential pay increase and based on one person’s opinion. There’s a better way.

ProForma & JSD: The Perfect Team for Employee Performance Reviews

As useful as they are, performance reviews are easy to ignore and leave undone. ProForma for JIRA Service Desk can help.