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Jira Clean-up Time: How to Audit and Tidy Your Jira Instance

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Five Steps to a Successful Jira Upgrade

A Jira upgrade is a major event. Rachel Wright outlines five steps to ensure a successful upgrade, free of hassle and free of surprises.

Jira Custom Fields and their Alternatives

Too many Jira custom fields can result in performance degradation. Learn how to know when to create a custom field and the alternatives for collecting custom information for business teams.

Best Practices for Creating a Custom Workflow

Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook offers tips on when and how to create a Jira custom workflow.

And the Best Tool for Managing Jira is…Jira!

Learn how you can manage Jira users’ requests and support your Jira application from within Jira itself.

System, Application & Project Admins: Who Does What in Jira?

Take a closer look at who can (and should) do what in Jira, given the new editing abilities granted to project admins in version 7.3 and 7.4.

Who’s in Charge? Jira Governance for Business Teams

Something as powerful as Jira requires good governance. Discover how you can improve governance and simplify Jira administration at the same time.

Teaming Up for Business Teams

ThinkTilt and Rachel Wright would like to see more teams experience the benefits of Jira.  That’s why we’ve formed a new partnership “Teaming Up for Business Teams” to help you get started, thrive, and conquer your team’s “to do” list.