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Category: Service

Are You Ready for Enterprise Service Management?

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Trello, Jira or JSD: Which is Better for Business Teams?

Having to choose between a couple of great options is a nice problem to have. Still, you do want to make the right choice, and what’s best for one team. Read more.

4 Ways to Provide an Awesome Customer Experience

Whether you are providing services to internal or external customers, offering a positive experience is good for your organization. External customers will reward good companies that provide a good customer. Read more.

Improved Jira Data Collection Promotes One-touch Service

Want to empower your teams to provide one-touch service? Smart data collection, without Jira custom fields, is the key.

Selling the Service Desk Model

You know it: Three arguments to help convince the powers that be that your teams should covert to a service desk model.

Better Service: The Innovation People Actually Want

Inundated with innovation? This article offers a simple solution to providing an innovation people actually want – better, faster service.

How’s Your Internal Customer Service?

Do you get great service with a smile when you ask for help from Finance, Legal or HR ? This article explores how converting to a service desk model can improve internal customer service, and why it’s important.

JIRA and ProForma: Better Service for Less Money

This article explores how converting business teams to a service desk model can result in greater efficiency, better service and a bigger bottom line.

Self-service for HR with ProForma and JIRA Service Desk

Self-service is good for everyone.  When people can solve their own problems they feel empowered.  When they do things for themselves, they remember how they did it, which is to say, they learn.

Customer Service – Getting Better or Going Down Hill?

It turns out that in spite of all of our cool tools, analytics about what customers are looking for and investments in customer service, people are as annoyed as ever. In fact, they’re even more annoyed, to the point of rage. This article explores the reasons why and how, properly deployed, JIRA Service Desk can be the solution to customer service.