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Category: Privacy

Customer Analytics: Gaining Insights and Offering Support, Without Being Creepy

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Your Form Data: How, What and Where it is Processed and Stored.

This post is one in a series on data and privacy. As always, we appreciate any feedback you have on what’s covered in this series. We think we have made careful and considered decisions in this area; however, we are always open to improving our practices and reviewing the decisions we have made.

So let’s start with one of the most important types of data – the design and contents of the forms your create and fill out with ProForma. …

A Series on Data Privacy

Keeping private data private should be the very backbone of every business. If we don’t treat your data and data about you with the respect and care it deserves, then you shouldn’t entrust it to us. However, simply locking every bit of data away in a vault isn’t a particularly effective way to understand what our users are trying to do and support them in doing it.