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Lower Costs by Expanding Jira Service Desk Beyond IT

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4 Ways to Provide an Awesome Customer Experience

Whether you are providing services to internal or external customers, offering a positive experience is good for your organization. External customers will reward good companies that provide a good customer. Read more.

Jira Service Desk vs. the Status Quo

Kerry needs access to one of the organization’s systems for a project she’s working on. The procedure requires that she complete a form agreeing to the terms of use. She. Read more.

JIRA and ProForma: Better Service for Less Money

This article explores how converting business teams to a service desk model can result in greater efficiency, better service and a bigger bottom line.

Self-service for HR with ProForma and JIRA Service Desk

Self-service is good for everyone.  When people can solve their own problems they feel empowered.  When they do things for themselves, they remember how they did it, which is to say, they learn.

JIRA: The Ideal Tool for Employee Performance Reviews?

How well does your performance review process perform? Employee performance reviews are a perfect example of a business process that begs to be handled by an automated service management system like JIRA Service Desk. 

Why Email Isn’t the Way to do Business

Citing some sobering statistics, this article explains why email is not a good strategy for getting work done and offers up a better alternative.

Process vs. Bureaucracy: Can We Have One Without the Other?

Are you a process expert or a bureaucrat? This article explores the differences between process and bureaucracy and discusses the common features of good business processes.  Key among these are efficiency, thoroughness and fairness.  Business process management software, like ProForma for JIRA Service Desk, can help you ensure sound business processes for all of your teams, without bureaucratic red tape. 

Do You Need ProForma and a JSD Super Agent?

How can you give your non-tech teams the functionality of JSD, and the autonomy to design their own processes without creating a a spaghetti plate of custom fields, workflows and data schemes for you to manage? We have the solution

Customer Service – Getting Better or Going Down Hill?

It turns out that in spite of all of our cool tools, analytics about what customers are looking for and investments in customer service, people are as annoyed as ever. In fact, they’re even more annoyed, to the point of rage. This article explores the reasons why and how, properly deployed, JIRA Service Desk can be the solution to customer service.

Five Strategies for Getting Buy-in When Implementing ProForma for Your Business Teams

You know the power of being able to automate workflow, track requests and allocate resources based on real data about the demand. But will your business teams be as enthusiastic as you are? Below are a few tips for getting buy-in for implementing ProForma with your business teams.

The Power of Letting Business Teams Solve their own Problems

If you’re not giving every one of your business teams the power and the tools to solve their own problems you run the risk of cultivating an “us vs. them” mentality in your organization. The combination of ProForma forms for business processes, JIRA Service Desk for request management and Confluence for a knowledge base can allow any team in your organization to thrive.  

JIRA Service Desk for Any Team

Every business team, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources gets barraged with requests for their services.  They too need to be able to manage and respond to a high volume of requests. JIRA Service Desk with ProForma provides any team with a beautiful request management system.   

Processes Are More Alike Than Not, Across Different Organizations

Many business disciplines are common to all types of organizations; finance, operations, HR, etc. The processes used in each of these disciplines are more likely to be in common, than different, irrespective of the organisation.  ProForma has incorporated best practice for these common processes into its template processes and forms, that you can use with JIRA Service Desk.