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Lower Costs by Expanding Jira Service Desk Beyond IT

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ProForma: Helping You Manage Jira Growth

Growth happens. Especially Jira growth. Atlassian recently released an infographic with lessons learnt from some of their largest customers – enterprises with literally thousands of Jira projects, hundreds of thousands of. Read more.

Jira Clean-up Time: How to Audit and Tidy Your Jira Instance

Depending on where you are in the world, you may be smack in the middle of spring – as in time for Spring Cleaning. Even if it isn’t spring, it’s. Read more.

4 Ways to Provide an Awesome Customer Experience

Whether you are providing services to internal or external customers, offering a positive experience is good for your organization. External customers will reward good companies that provide a good customer. Read more.

Retrospective and Roadmap: Q2 2018

Ack! Time got away from us. We were so busy building, we almost missed the fact that one quarter had ended and another had begun. Here then, is our slightly. Read more.

ProForma for Jira Server, No Docker Required

Back in the Day… ThinkTilt first launched ProForma at the 2016 Atlassian Summit in San Jose. The idea was to make it easy to capture all of the process-specific, field. Read more.

ProForma & Jira Saves Time for Everyone

ProForma was created because we believed that empowering teams to add all of the fields they need to a form embedded in a Jira issue was a great way to. Read more.

ProForma for Jira Server Beta Release

ThinkTilt first launched ProForma, the app that empowers teams to create forms that embed in Jira issues, for Jira Cloud back in 2016. The idea was well received by Jira administrators as. Read more.

Tips for Vetting Jira Apps and Plugins

Do you get sensory overload when you visit the Atlassian Marketplace? The current count shows over 1,600 offerings for Jira alone.  Too many choices can be paralyzing. How can you. Read more.

Two Ways Jira Can Make HR More Agile

There’s been a bit of buzz about Agile HR recently. It makes sense. More responsive HR results in better, happier, more professional employees and that can only be good for. Read more.

Jira Service Desk vs. the Status Quo

Kerry needs access to one of the organization’s systems for a project she’s working on. The procedure requires that she complete a form agreeing to the terms of use. She. Read more.

Giving Jira to Every Team Without Creating a Jungle

Too much of a good thing can be problematic. Take Jira. It’s definitely a good thing. So good in fact, that everyone wants to use it. That’s great, until things. Read more.

Paper Chase: Better Document Tracking in Jira

As much as we like to talk about going paperless, we still haven’t gotten away from paperwork. For many teams, drafting, editing and approving documents is a core function of. Read more.

4 Ways Adding Forms to Issues Amps Up the Power of Jira

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have your cake and eat it too? Imagine having all of the detailed information you need (structured so it’s easy to find) on. Read more.

Bring the Benefits of Jira to Everyone with Form Fields

Jira is a fantastic tool for issue tracking. But there’s nothing that can’t be improved upon. Responding to an issue efficiently and correctly means you need to have the right. Read more.

Track Your Stuff: Easy Asset Management in Jira

I can’t think about inventory and asset management without remembering the brilliant words of George Carlin, “Their stuff is s#@t and your s#@t is stuff.”  One of the things that differentiates. Read more.

Amplify the Power of JIRA Core with ProForma

Now there’s a way to give the gift of JIRA to business teams like Finance, HR and Marketing without creating jungle of custom fields and complex configurations.

JIRA and ProForma: Better Service for Less Money

This article explores how converting business teams to a service desk model can result in greater efficiency, better service and a bigger bottom line.

Self-service for HR with ProForma and JIRA Service Desk

Self-service is good for everyone.  When people can solve their own problems they feel empowered.  When they do things for themselves, they remember how they did it, which is to say, they learn.

JIRA: The Ideal Tool for Employee Performance Reviews?

How well does your performance review process perform? Employee performance reviews are a perfect example of a business process that begs to be handled by an automated service management system like JIRA Service Desk.