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Category: Business Processes

How the LSU Foundation Said Goodbye to PDFs and Streamlined Processes with ProForma

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ProForma & Jira Saves Time for Everyone

ProForma was created because we believed that empowering teams to add all of the fields they need to a form embedded in a Jira issue was a great way to. Read more.

Handling Complex, Multi-team Processes in Jira Core

Discover the key to managing and tracking multi-step, multi-team processes with Jira Core.

10 Steps to Implementing ProForma and JSD for Business Teams

Step by step instructions for helping non-tech teams convert their processes to Jira Service Desk with ProForma.

ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira: What You Need to Know

Trying to decide which add-ons are right for you? Here’s the who, what, where, why and how of ProForma Forms & Templates for Jira.

Why You Need ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira

Better for customers, better for teams, better for the bottom line – three powerful arguments for converting business teams to a service desk model using Jira.

Mind Your Queues: Optimizing Request Management with JSD

A fresh look at how business teams using Jira Service Desk can and should organize their request queues

One to Many: Collecting & Structuring Data in a Jira Issue

Discover how creating forms and attaching multiple forms to an issue can be the key to structuring data in Jira.

Manage Your Team’s Health with ProForma & Jira

Discover why forms are the best way to get the information you need, and why the team health monitors may be the most important form you ever complete.

Keeping Track of it All: Jira for Asset Management

Discover how three simple tools can provide you with a fool-proof system for tracking business assets.

Who’s in Charge? Jira Governance for Business Teams

Something as powerful as Jira requires good governance. Discover how you can improve governance and simplify Jira administration at the same time.

Purchasing with Less Hassle: ProForma & Jira

Discover how Jira can be the perfect tool for your creating a catalogue and driving all of your procurement processes.

The Power of Having Everything in One Place

Do everything in one place. A system you’re already using could be perfect for collecting, processing and storing information.

Getting the Right Stuff: A Practical Solution to Procurement

Overseeing your procurement process means making sure that the right steps are followed and the right questions asked. Find out how ProForma can help.

Soft Sell: Strategies for Bringing Business Teams into JIRA

Business teams are bombarded with offers for new tools. Skepticism is normal. How can you overcome resistance to change and bring your business teams into JIRA?

Beyond SLAs: Collecting Meaningful Metrics

Go beyond the usual time to response and time to resolution. Learn how you can harness the right metrics to create better business processes.

Making Processes Palatable with ProForma and Jira

Discover how creating purposeful, easy to follow, well-designed, efficient processes can help you bridge the gap between process people and non-process people.

ProForma: Fewer Disputes, Faster Collection, Better B2B Relations

Discover how you can streamline contract management and free up your legal team using a Jira Service Desk.

Why JIRA Service Desk is Marvelous for Marketing Teams

Marketing faces unique challenges in keeping everyone on brand. It’s a little like herding cats. How about a request management solution that meets their needs?

Up Your Compliance with ProForma for JIRA Service Desk

Are rules really made to be broken? Most rules were made for good reason. Here’s how you can use ProForma and JIRA Service Desk to ensure compliance.