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ProForma is made by the team at ThinkTilt, an Australian based technology company. The ThinkTilt founding team spent years working together to build SmartyGrants, a software as a service solution for grants management. Through SmartyGrants, we assisted over three hundred organizations, from federal government departments to multinational companies, in transforming thousands of grant programs into online processes.

While SmartyGrants is the best system for managing grants, we observed that many customers were cajoling the system into handling more general business processes.  Teams wanted the ability to create, deploy and manage webforms without being dependent on IT.

The Next Step

ThinkTilt was founded to provide similar tools and opportunities to every team in the tens of thousands of organizations that already use the Atlassian suite. The result is ProForma, an app available through the Atlassian Marketplace. ProForma, offers a fully integrated form builder that allows teams to create forms that embed in Jira issues, making it easy to get complete, structured information into issues in a consistent way.

In addition to the form builder, ProForma offers a library of form templates which can be used by teams across an organization. Our Operations staff are certified in Best Practices in Forms Management from the Business Forms Management Association. 

Development History 

We update our development plan each quarter, reviewing and updating you on what has been completed, and selecting the most relevant items from the backlog for upcoming development. See our full development history.

Our 5% Ethos

We applaud the 1% Pledge movement, which encourages corporations to pledge 1% of their time, equity, and product to philanthropy. However, our team has determined that 1% isn’t enough. We have decided to pledge 5%, and we hope that other organizations will consider increasing their contributions as well.


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